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Page History and Rollback
Every time you edit a page in SunHorizon Wiki (unless the Minor Change option is enabled), the previous version of the content is saved. Each page can have an unlimited number of revisions (unless the wiki is configured otherwise).

Existing revisions can be viewed in the History page, which you can open clicking on the History button, as shown below.

You can compare any two page revisions in the History page. The compare screen clearly shows the differences between the selected revisions.

In the History page you can also do a rollback to any previous version (the same can be done in the admin interface). A rollback actually creates a new page revision, so that no content is ever deleted.

It's also possible to quickly rollback a page to its previous version using the drop-down menu that is displayed when clicking on the yellow Admin button, as shown above.
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Side Projects

  • RESX Synchronizer allows to synchronize multi-language .resx files (used for the development of ScrewTurn Wiki).
  • Pixel Picker enables to pick the color of pixels on your screen — very handy for day-to-day graphics-related activities.